Spa & Beauty

ERMITAGE by the sea treatment menu is as colorful and varied as the Estonian history for the past few hundred years. In creating our menu, we have been inspired by Estonian nature and ancient herbalists, who have refined the foundation of Estonian traditions for centuries. Carefully selected Estonian products are used for oll Estonian-themed treatments. These products have been chosen by Estonian folk medicine specialists based on their healing, moisturizing, and cleansing qualities. Most of the products are non-allergenic. Our experienced specialists consult with each client prior to the treatment and, if it is necessary, replace certain products with other more suitable ones.



The current year has brought in a number of improvements aiming at providing you with a better thought out environment. We aim to improve major facets of daily life: living, working, and sharing family moments. We have focused on health first: our upgraded Gym now offers a brighter and more colorful environment.



WARM SPOT UP TO 80 °C WARM spot is a sauna with hot and dry air, where the temperature is up to 80°C. The sauna causes prolific sweating and creates an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The true effect of the sauna exhibits itself when cold and hot phases alternate – every time in sauna should be followed by a cold shower. The sauna stimulates metabolism and helps the body to eliminate toxins.



We provide the best view by the sea. Relax and Joy the Pool with any way you like.

Escape from the blazing sun in the indoor pool, or simply chill out in one of the relaxation rooms.


Business Center

We have inaugurated a prestigious Suite. Built for today’s needs, this multi-functional space is capable of bringing together a team of up to 8 people, with videoconferencing, WIFI printing, screen sharing, an Apple Mac, a private entrance and a private balcony, kitchenette and sanitary facilities all at your service. Lockable filing cabinets, cleaning services, and well maintained, it is a great work space.

The Suite is also great for a quiet private get together. With a private entrance of its own, large TV. The Business Suite is available with minimum one month stay and can be booked along with any apartment residence at The Ermitage on the Beach. As a special offer to our current residents/expected guests, we are pleased to offer you a first week free with your month’s booking. If you are not satisfied we invite you not to worry about money, as long as you offer us some friendly feedback! We are happy to listen to your needs.


Kids Corner

We have also created a new children playground: facing the sea, separate from the pool area, ideal to watch people walk by as your child plays safely by you.