A note about The Ermitage and Lordos Properties

The Ermitage on the Beach was conceived as a high-end condominium beachfront property, managed round the clock in a friendly and efficient manner and delivering a good income stream to the owners of properties by providing high quality rentals. Its aspirations of a high quality lifestyle are reflected in the building location, being beachfront and also the first residential beachfront property bordering the Limassol Forest Park-our Central Park. The design offers as much green as possible on the ground level, extensive beachfront frontage with children facilities and pools for adult and young children alike, all surrounded by a secure and elegant perimeter. Our management and staff strive to excel in providing a friendly, professional service to all of our tenants.

Lordos Properties is a proud member of the Lordos Group, a reputable and well diversified Cypriot family business, established in 1936. Respected broadly within the industry as a reputable business partner, multiple award-winning Lordos Properties has consciously focused during the last 10 years on the procurement of high quality income producing property assets in excellent locations, avoiding the high volume-high risk speculative construction model.

For more information and details you can download our brochure here!